9 Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitors Research

Traffic estimator tools can track the traffic of your competitors and reveal their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to improve your strategies and stay ahead of your competition.

In this digitally expanding landscape, and the fierce competition for traffic estimation tools, it is easy to see how these tools are being used.

Why? There are millions upon millions of websites online, many of which are your competitors.

Regardless of how much you try to forget it, the competition is increasing exponentially as we speak.

Instead of running away from reality, face it, conquer your fears and do all you can to be at the top search engine rankings, or keeping your customers’ minds afloat.

A traffic estimator tool can help you do this. It allows you to compare your competitors’ marketing strategies and website traffic and make better decisions.

Let’s now talk about traffic estimator software and how they can be of help to you.

What is a Traffic Estimator?

To analyze the user’s interaction with a site, a web traffic estimator tool can be used. It provides information about the website such as its keywords and SEO.

Traffic estimators can be used to research competitors and leverage the information to increase website traffic, clicks and overall conversion rates.

Why use a web traffic estimator?

You can lose your fight even if you have a great product or service.

You may have tried everything, including keywords and SEO, but are not getting the results you want. Your competitors still rank higher than you. Your competitors’ strategies may be stronger.

Traffic estimator tools can track the traffic of your competitors and reveal their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to improve your strategies and stay ahead of your competition.

It can perform many functions:

  • Displays information about viewers and their interests.
  • It can improve your bounce rates, and adjust based on user behaviour.
  • To improve your keywords, you can determine specific searches using different search engines like Google or Bing
  • It will help you improve your content strategies and engagement rates by using better keywords and SEO.
  • You can see the performance of each page to get an idea about which pages perform best and which pages need improvement.
  • Compare your digital campaigns and pinpoints them to increase traffic and conversions

Let’s now find the best traffic estimator tools for competitor research and driving traffic to your website.


Are you interested in the website traffic of potential partners and competitors?

Semrush allows you to evaluate the website’s performance. You can check domain performance, visits, page visits, duration of visits, traffic rank and more. It allows you to compare the website traffic volumes of potential competitors and partners in order to determine your position.

You can also see the mobile vs. Desktop traffic ratio and user engagement. You can also monitor the latest trends and identify future leaders. Compare your potential competitors’ audiences, assess the growth, and find out what the user wants to see on the site.

You can analyze partnerships and media placements to find platforms that can help you connect with potential clients. Semrush can also help you identify top services and products on competitor’s websites. You can also see which digital campaigns your competitors are currently using.

Create co-marketing assets to your partners’ platforms by identifying popular blogs and content topics. You should also reveal your most popular marketing channels and identify backlink providers and affiliates. Finally, you should check company expenses.

Compare the online performance of websites in different countries and track traffic trends. Find out where your competitors are active. You can make smart decisions by monitoring traffic trends, analyzing and tracking different channels, learning about customers’ behavior, and discovering niches and markets.

To experience the platform, you can get a plan at no cost (special 14-day trial for Geekflare readers).


A website analysis tool by Serpstat allows you to discover the source of competitor’s website traffic. It’s never been easier to research a topic, keyword or ad. Serpstat makes it easy to retrieve all data about the domain you are interested in.

Keyword analysis and keyword distribution are key factors in increasing traffic. They offer a PPC/SEO competitor analysis report. You can increase your profits by using domain analysis tools. These tools will allow you to look at all the PPC/SEO competitors and find the most valuable keywords.

Cross-check the market niche and compare competitors’ websites to theirs. The next step is to determine the ranking gap using a comprehensive analysis report. Finally, you can create a strategy accordingly. Serpstat eliminates the need to use multiple tools. One tool will get you the best results, so you can concentrate on growth.

You will get an idea of the top-performing content, ads samples and keywords in your chosen niche. The SERP competition analyzer will give you a complete report of keywords used on top pages by competitors. You can also find landing pages that are most popular, create a list of keywords and landing pages for your niche and cross-analyze data with other domains.

You can get unique benefits by choosing a plan starting from $55 per month.


Analyze competitor’s website traffic statistics over different time periods and using different channels. Sitechecker lets you choose the top websites based on their ranks. You can then check their website traffic to find out what percentage your competitors get through different channels.

You can compare the bounce rate and duration of each competitor’s paid ads and find the keywords that brought them the most visitors. You can also check their backlinks to refer traffic.

To increase traffic, you can also analyse reports to see how traffic dynamics have changed over the past six months. Once you have all the data from your competitors, it is time to improve your website’s performance. To determine the current status of your website, create a strategy and implement it to win over competitions and grow.

You can improve the performance of your website with the right plan at a starting cost of $29/month.


Similarweb allows you to find out what’s happening on your website online in a quick and easy way. Analyze app and website performance, conduct industry research, uncover affiliate marketing, and examine the actual competition.

By monitoring websites, you can get investment ideas and find out how to engage more customers, generate leads, detect fraud, and so on. Similarweb allows you to access website analytics via TrafficMeter extension. This extension gives you access and insight into the website’s data and insights.

You can access all data and gain insight into the workings of your website to increase its monetization. Similarweb provides an objective view of your app and web performance.

You can create digital strategies using all the data available. This includes making real-time decisions based on the precise data from your competitors’ websites. Similarweb provides a free service to help you gain insight, or you can talk to a consultant to choose an enterprise plan.


Ahrefs allows you to see the real traffic estimates for any website or webpage. Site Explorer allows you to view the organic and paid traffic metrics for any website.

You can see the graph below to see how your site traffic has grown both locally and globally. You can reverse engineer the process to see what works for other websites. This will help you drive more traffic. To enhance your growth, you can also analyze data from each page and check traffic to determine which pages are most popular.

Find out which keywords help your competitors grow their traffic. Then, determine how much traffic each keyword brings in. This information will help you to identify new keywords that can be used to increase your website traffic. To inspire your search ads, you can also spy on their ad copy.

Batch Analysis Tool allows you to check up to 200 websites at once. Without being a marketer, you can dig deeper to learn the secret formula for getting high traffic using powerful keywords and quick links.

Are you still confused? You can start a trial for $7 and begin digging real-time data. Start at $99/month and choose the plan that best suits your business.


The Alexa estimator tool allows you to do competitive analysis and drive more visitors to your site. Alexa can help you understand a site’s strengths, weaknesses, and marketing opportunities.

Simply enter a website and you’ll find many ways to increase your website’s organic traffic.

  • SEO keyword: You can find out which keywords drive the most traffic and help you get content ideas to create a strong strategy.
  • Competitive benchmarking: How your site is ranked against other sites by keywords, search and backlinks.
  • Website traffic: You can get statistics and reports about website traffic through Alexa Rank and referral sources.
  • Alexa gives you insight into your audience. It helps you understand what your audience wants, what keywords they use, and what topics they are most interested in reading.

To get an analysis of millions sites, you can download the browser extension. The advanced plan comes with more features and a 14-day free trial.

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SpyFu gives you unlimited SEO and PPC data. This allows you to discover the secrets of successful competitors. You can search the domain to check where they appear in search engines.

Find out how to connect with these domains and the traditional and online lead-generation methods such as email, phone, address and social media. You can search almost every aspect of a website. SpyFu provides recommendations to assist you in driving your Google Ads campaigns or SEO strategies.

You can also monitor SEO rankings for Yahoo, Bing and Google. To generate leads and build valuable partnerships, connect with reliable contacts. You can also conduct intelligent PPC competitor research. Download their entire PPC keywords and see how many clicks they get. Then, observe their spending without any download limits.

You can track every site that bids on Google Ads. Keep an eye out for new competitors, and monitor changes in ad spending over time. You can also type your domain name to see the keywords that your top competitors have purchased on Google Ads. However, this is not possible. You can also get recommendations for negative PPC matches, which will save you money on keywords your competitors have failed to buy.

You also get a PPC Ad Rank tracker that measures your impressions and progress for keywords. You will also find many features to help you with SEO research such as keyword analysis, competitor spying, multi-competitor keyword searches, ranking history, branding reports, backlink checking and influencer market.

You can drive traffic to your website and increase sales with the right tools. There are many tools to keyword search to find and organize keywords, learn how to use keywords, determine the most lucrative keywords for your content, perform SERP analysis and more. A custom domain list can be created and filtered by industry, location, search traffic, ad spending, technologies and social media.

SpyFu allows unlimited searches and downloads without contracts. Membership starts at $33/month.

Website IQ

Get complete information on any website using WebsiteIQ. You can increase your traffic by using statistics reports, comparison charts, organic keywords, and growth charts for the past 9+ years.

You can analyze websites according to your niche and make informed decisions while evaluating the gaps. Check relevant publishers to find attractive links that will drive more people.

Find leads, apply for your website and understand the keywords that drive traffic. Start enhancing your growth by searching for the domain.

Website IQ offers a free sign-up, but the Pro plan has more benefits for $29.95/month. A custom plan can be chosen to receive a lower price and a group discount.

Web is worth it

Worth Of Web’s website valuation calculator will help you calculate site revenue, page views, visits, estimated Alexa traffic, page views, and other information. To find the information you are looking for, they start with audience traffic ranking data. It is also possible to find out how a website makes its money from advertising.

Their algorithm is not 100% accurate and they use public ranking systems that can be inaccurate. You can still contact them to purchase or sell digital properties like sites, domains, and products.

With just a click you can search for any domain you desire, get to know the differences between you and your competitors, and then increase traffic to make good revenue. It helps you to make a strategic decision, and take a step ahead.

What should you look for in an traffic estimator?

It can be difficult to find the right traffic estimator software. Before you decide to purchase the software, it is important to first understand some digital marketing concepts. These are the things you need to remember before using a traffic estimator.

Organic Traffic

You must improve your search engine rankings if you have a site or business that relies heavily on organic traffic. You can use a traffic estimator tool that focuses on SEO elements such as Ahrefs and SEMrush .

PPC ads

Contrary to the previous, paid web traffic should be your key digital marketing strategy. You need to select a traffic estimator tool that focuses on paid advertising. It should also be able to compare other brands’ activities, such as the types of ads they create and distribution channels. Tools like SimilarWeb can help.

Customer demographics

Before you choose a traffic estimator, think about your user base. Alexa, a tool that allows you to monitor the customer demographics of your competitors can be used to help you target a market.


Your strategies will be stronger if you know who your competitors are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. This article will help you to understand your competitors and shape your digital advertising strategies.

You can then target potential customers, increase engagement and conversions, grow and expand your business, and remain at the top of your game.

Hence, you should choose the right traffic estimator tool for your business based on your customer demographics and business focus.

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