SquareTrade Extended Warranty For Kindle and Fire Tablets

Do you really require an extended warranty for Kindle E-Readers or Kindle and Fire tablets, in addition to the standard one-year warranty included with the purchase of many Kindle devices purchased from Amazon.

To answer this question , we have to know what is covered by Amazon’s one-year warranty on Kindle devices, and also determine whether any additional protection beyond Amazon’s one-year Kindle or Kindle Fire Warranties is needed.

Amazon’s Kindle Warranty

The majority of the time, Amazon offers a 12-month warranty for nearly all Kindle electronic readers as well as Kindle Fire gadgets. It is important to understand that the Warranty provided by Amazon is a Limited Warranty , which will cover the Kindle device in case of manufacturing defects.

If the Kindle Fire Tablet or Kindle e-Reader experiences a glitch within the first twelve months following acquisition, Amazon is able to repair or exchange the device an entirely new model or a second-hand one in the event that the issue is attributed to an issue with the manufacturing process.

We guarantee the device against any defects in the materials or workmanship in normal consumer use for one year from date of the original purchase The warranty period begins one year from the date of purchase. Amazon

It is evident from the above that accidental damage caused by water damage, drops or any other cause is not covered under Amazon’s Limited Kindle Fire Warranty from Amazon.

Notice: The 12 month limited Warranty does not apply to the well-known $55 Kindle Fire Tablet, which is covered only by 90-day warranty. warranty provided by Amazon.

Square Trade Warranty and Protection Plan For Kindle

SquareTrade’s Extended Warranty on Kindle e-Readers as well as Kindle Fire Tablets offers an affordable way to protect your Kindle devices from accidental damage.

Comparing to other warranties SquareTrade promises to be around 40% less expensive. SquareTrade insurance plans to protect Kindle Fire Tablets and Kindle E-Readers are priced competitively at $9.99/year and $36 for two years, and a price that is surprisingly affordable at $22. ensures that your Kindle device covered for 3 years.

In addition to the cost, what distinguishes SquareTrade distinguish itself from its competitors is the transparency in the terms and conditions of its service and the large reputation SquareTrade has earned from its happy customers as demonstrated by more than 45,000 review on Amazon.

NOTE: Prices may vary in response to promotions or sales (Check Prices at Amazon).

What is Covered By Square Trade Extended Warranty

The Extended Warranties and Protection program to Kindle as well as Kindle Fire Tablets will protect you from the following.

1. Accidental Drops: It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from cracked screens or damage to the internal components of the device caused by accidental drops.

2. Water Damage: While not as prevalent than drops of water, it is the second most common reason for damage to tablets phones, e-Readers and other devices is caused by liquid and water spills on phones and tablets which can occur due to the most well-known behavior or the need to multitask eating or drinking alcohol while using a tablet or phone.

3. Full Immersion in Water This is extremely rare and is not a possibility unless you happen work near water or drop your Kindle device into the bathtub. Immersion in full water could result in complete destruction to the device.

4. Antenna/Charging Port Failure: You are covered if the low WiFi reception of your device is caused by an issue related to the Antenna or you’re experiencing issues when charging your device as a result of problems related to the charger port.

5. The Touch Screen is not working: any issue or malfunctioning with the touch screen that renders the device inoperable will be covered under SquareTrade.

6. Battery Failure – If the battery in your Kindle device fails to sustain charge, or is draining quickly, you’re protected by the Square Trade Warranty and Protection policy for Kindle.

7. Electrical and Mechanical Problems Square Trade Warranty provides protection in the event that you Kindle Fire Tablet or Kindle e-Reader is unable to function properly due to problems with its buttons, screen or internal components once the warranty of one year expires.

8. Good Coverage SquareTrade extended Warranty covers 100 percent of the price of labor and parts, with no deductibles and hidden charges. Also, it covers transportation costs in both ways.

SquareTrade Warranty Cancellation and Refunds

A great feature of SquareTrade’s Extended Warranty available for Kindle devices is that you are able to end the warranty anytime you decide to are unsure or think there is that there isn’t much value to purchasing an extended warranty.

If you cancel the plan within the initial 90 days receives the full amount back. After that time, SquareTrade will return any unutilized portion in Protection plan Protection plan on an ad-hoc basis.

For instance, you’ll receive 50% of the money back if you choose to end a 2-year protection program for the Kindle Fire Tablet after 12 months, with no claims.

What is Not Covered By SquareTrade Warranty

SquareTrade Warranty and Protection Plan for Kindle E-Readers or Kindle Fire Tablets does not cover you in the event the device is damaged, lost, or stolen because of abuse.

When we searched for information on the subject, we learned that SqureTrade doesn’t protect against theft in order to keep the price of its warranty competitive.

SquareTrade Warranty For Kindle and Fire Tablets: Availability

The SquareTrade Warranty is available for Kindle E-Readers as well as Kindle Fire Tablets purchased from Amazon. This warranty or protection For Kindle and Kindle Fire Tablets is usually available with terms ranging between 1 and 3 years.

  • 2 Year Protection Plan Plus Accident Protection For Kindle Paperwhite
  • 2 Year Protection Plan Plus Accident Protection For Kindle Fire HD8 Tablet


If you’re looking for a longer-term Warranty It makes a lot of sense to choose SquareTrade due to its reputable reputation, transparency of business model, and the kind of coverage it offers with competitive prices.

If you’re unsure whether or not to buy an extended Warranty and you are unsure, review your previous experience and determine the instances of device damage caused by contributing factors such as hardwood floors, a large Family outdoor use, and kids who have lots of energy.

Another approach to consider this is to go through the price of the device, and consider the impact on your budget in the event that a device gets damaged in an accident and you need for it to be replaced.

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