Keep All Digital Touch Messages In iOS 10 – How To

Do you wish to preserve all of your digital messages in iOS 10.? In the Messages app for iOS 10, Digital touch messages are the latest and most recent enhancement. However, they function between and the transformation of iMessage threads, and also copy the feature with the same name from an Apple Watch. Digital touch messages permit users to draw a message and then send it. When you receive an Digital Touch message, you will be able to see a “Keep” option underneath the message. By clicking it, you can preserve the message for the duration of time. The person who shared the message will know that it was saved. If you don’t wish to save a message the message will expire after two minutes , which is a small period of time. However, you can save every single one of the Digital Touch messages automatically you receive, if you know which switch to turn. If you’d like to preserve the entirety of Digital Touch Messages in iOS 10 then read on!

Steps to Keep all Digital Touch Messages In iOS 10

The length of time of the time a Digital Touch message can be kept is based on the duration of the audio message. When you’ve made audio message settings to be deleted within two minutes, Digital Touch messages will meet the same fate.

If you’d like to alter this, go in the Settings app and select Messages. Scroll down in the Audio Messages section and select “Expire”. Then, you can change the time period from 2 minutes to ‘Never. However, all messages that are received Digital Touch messages from this date forward will be automatically saved.

Remember that Digital Touch message take up more space, more so than a text message. Try to avoid keeping them for long. It isn’t that difficult, as there is nothing else to do for expire settings other two minutes. An alternative involves setting all messages older than one calendar year or 30 days to be deleted by default.

It is also possible to do this by using the Settings app, under Messages>Keep Messages. You can also make the change to any conversation that are in your Messages app.

In iOS 10 the Messages app received some updates, however the settings panel hasn’t been updated to take advantage of all of these incredible features.


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