How to Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram

People expect you to respond as quickly as possible when they send you messages on Instagram. Instagram supports read receipts, which allows people to see when you have read their messages. Can you turnoff read receipts in Instagram? Here are some steps you can follow. Let’s find the answers!

How to Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram

Instagram cannot disable Read Receipts. You can still read your messages offline as a workaround. You can disable your Internet connection and enable Airplane Mode to read your messages. Instagram will not show you the read receipts. You won’t be able to tell the sender that you have seen their messages.

Always Turn on Airplane Mode to ensure safety and Wi-Fi is turned off. Sometimes your device will connect automatically to Wi-Fi by itself. Tap the Airplane Mode button by swiping down from the screen’s top. The Airplane Mode button will allow you to safely view your Instagram messages without activating the read receipts.

Airplane mode control center

Force-stop Instagram, or log out. You can then turnoff Airplane Mode and launch the app again. Once you log back in, it will be as normal.

How about reading my messages directly from notifications?

Taping the message notifications in Instagram will trigger the read receipts. Notifications can’t access your Instagram messages. You can disable notification messages altogether to prevent accidental tapping of the message notifications.

1. Go to Instagram Setting and choose Notifications.

2. Select Direct messages, calls.

Instagram Direct messages and calls

3. You can toggle between Messages and Messages.

Instagram Disable Message Notifications

What is the purpose of read receipts?

In instant messaging, read receipts are important.

These messages indicate to the sender that they have read and acknowledged their messages. Many users opt to turnoff this feature and read direct messages offline to avoid the trigger of read receipts.

You can call the other person first if you are in a hurry or need an immediate answer. You can send a message to the other person if they don’t respond. Make sure you mention that you require an answer as soon as possible.


Instagram cannot turnoff read receipts, but you can still read your messages offline to prevent them from being marked as read. Before opening any messages, make sure you enable Airplane Mode.

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