How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

Sometimes the need to take a screenshot is necessary or an efficient method of recording and storing data on the computer. This is why we’ve provided below steps to take screenshots in Windows 10.

Make Screenshots of your screen in Windows 10

The majority of users encounter the requirement to take Screenshots with Windows 10 while trying to solve a problem with their system with the help of a web-based friend who may need an image of an error displayed on your PC.

Additionally taking screenshots with Windows 10 can become handy when you encounter the need to capture a photo of the list of folders and files on your PC, you may feel that you should take a photo on your computer and sharing it with your family or friends, and other occasions.

Let’s begin by taking some look at different ways to capture Screenshots using Windows 10

Make Screenshots of the Whole Screen

Windows 10 makes it really simple to print the entire screen of your laptop. All you have to do is click the Print Screen button in the keypad of your computer , and then combine it using or Windows or Function (FN) key (depending on your system).

On the majority of keyboards, the print Screen button is situated at the right-hand corner of your keyboard (near the F12 Key) and is typically identified with the letters Print Scr PrntScr or even as PrntScrn.

1. Hold down the Windows key, then press the print Scr Key located in the upper-right corner of your keyboard.

Notice: Depending on the keyboard you are using, you might need to choose between FN + Print Keys or Windows + Print Scr + FN combination keys. Check these combinations out or consult the manual on your device to find the appropriate keyboard shortcut.

2. Once you press the correct key combination, the screen will briefly dim and then it will show that the entire screen of your PC was captured in the form of a screenshot.

3. Next, Navigate to this Computer > Pictures Folder and locate the full screen shot that you took on your computer. (See the screenshot below)

Screenshots are taken of the part of Screen

The Creators update for Windows 10 has added the capability of taking screenshots of a portion on the screen.

1. Press Windows + Shift + S keys on your keyboard of your personal computer. This will cause the screen to be greyed out. The Mouse cursor will change to the cross-hair pattern.

2. Click the left button to your Mouse and select the area of the screen you would like to capture by moving your Mouse. After you have selected the area Release you Mouse Key and the Screenshot of the area you have selected will be saved to the Clipboard.

3. Next, open Paint and copy the screen capture by pressing Ctrl + V , or by pressing the Paste Icon > Paste option.

NOTE: This method does not work on earlier versions of Windows 10.

Capture the entire screen and save it to the clipboard in Windows 10

You may also copy the entire screen on your computer onto the clipboard rather than saving it in your Pictures Folder.

1. Just Press the Prnt Scr key on your screen of your laptop. It will create a picture that covers the screen of your computer. copy it to your clipboard.

NOTE: On some keyboards it is possible to press FN + Prnt SCR or any other combination of keys.

2. Next, you are able to open Paint, Word or any other software, to paste the Clipboard information.

3. In the case of Paint Click upon the Paste icon, and then select the Paste option within the tiny drop-down menu that appears (See the image below).

4. Next, click on File > Save As for saving the File to PNG, JPEG or other File formats (See the image below).

Capture Screenshots of active Screen within Windows 10

If your computer is connected to several monitors, the The Prnt Scr and Windows + Prnt Scr keyboard combination, you can capture images of both monitors connected to your computer.

In this case you could take a screenshot of the active screen by pressing the an Alt+Prnt Scr the combination. However, in this scenario, the screen shot will be saved to the clipboard and will not be automatically saved to the folder for screenshots.

Therefore, you’ll need to launch a program such as Paint then Paste the screenshot , then save it using the instructions as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

NOTE: On some computers you might need pressing Alt + Fn Scr keys to capture a screen shot of the current screen. Go through your laptop or computer manual to determine the correct keyboard shortcut.

Create Screenshots of your screen in Windows 10 Using Snipping Tool

In case you weren’t conscious, Windows 10 includes a built-in Snipping Tool, which lets to take screenshots of the whole screen, and to capture screenshots of specific areas of the screen of your PC.

Snipping tool lets you take snapshots by selecting a rectangle area, a free-form region or even the whole screen. It is also possible to annotate images using colored pens or a highlighters.

The screenshots or snippets can save to any place on your PC or shared with your contacts or any of your contacts.

1. Open the Snipping Tool on your PC by pressing Windows > Start Windows Accessories > Snipping Tool (See the image below)

2. On the Snipping Tool pop-up window, click”New” (See the image below).

3. Clicking on “New” will cause the screen to be appear faded, and you’ll be able to see the mouse cursor transform into a cross-hair. This will let you select the region you wish to take a picture of by pressing the Mouse button and moving the cursor across the area.

4. Once your desired region is selected Once you have selected the desired area, Release your Mouse Key and the screen image will be saved onto the Clipboard.

5. Next, click on File > Save As within the Snipping Tool . This will save the screen capture to any place on your PC (See the image below).

Capture Screenshots on Windows 10 During Game Play

If the Game Mode feature is in your computer, you may also take screenshots when engaging in Games on your PC using the Xbox application.

The Gaming Mode that is available in Windows 10 allows you to capture screenshots , and also create Game Play Footage while playing Video Games on your computer.

But, you’ll need initially Enable Game Bar as well as the option to capture photographs while you Game Play using the settings option on Windows 10.

1. Open Settings > click on Gaming on the screen of settings.

2. On the next screen, click the Game Bar in the menu bar to the side and then switch ON the option to record Game Screenshots, clips and broadcast via Game Bar (See the image below)

Once you have this, you’ll be capable of taking Screenshots and capture game play videos when you play games with your computer with the Xbox application on Windows 10.

3. While playing Games You can open Game Bar at any time. Game Bar at any time by pressing Windows + G keys. You can also capture pictures while playing Game Play by clicking on the Camera icon in the Game Bar or using Windows + Alt + Prnt Scr keys (See below for an example).

NOTE: The keyboard shortcut is only available when you’ve previously selected the “Yes this is an actual video game” option (See the screenshot below).

4. Once you take an image, you’ll get a “Screenshot Saved” notification, informing you that your screen shot has been saved to your computer.

5. You can see the saved screenshot by going to this PC > > Videos > Captures folder on your PC (See the image below).

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