How to Sync Photos to Apple Watch

Wouldn’t it be awesome it were possible to see every photo you’ve taken on your iPhone from the screen of your Apple Watch? In this post, we’ll show you how to transfer iPhone images to your Apple Watch to ensure that it can display your friends and family photos from your trip directly on your wrist.

Sync Photos to Apple Watch

The process for synchronizing photos to the Apple Watch is fairly simple but at present you can only limit yourself to synchronizing only one album from iPhone on Apple Watch. Apple Watch at a time.

This means that you won’t be able to transfer a handful of photos from an iPhone Camera roll album to Apple Watch. Because you can only sync an album at a period of time (not photos) and you’ll end up synchronizing all the images in the cameras roll collection.

There is however an easy solution to this limitation. Create a new album, and only put the images you wish to add to the album you wish to sync with Apple Watch.

Follow the steps listed below to create an entirely new album of photos. put your favorite photos in the album.

1. Open Photos app on your iPhone

2. Tap on the + icon at the upper left hand corner to create an album. (See below for an example)

3. Name your album and then tap Save

4. You will now be asked to select the pictures you wish to include in your new album

5. Select all the photos you would like to include in your new album, and then tap Done

Change Photos Limit

Before you begin the process of transferring pictures onto Apple Watch make sure that your photo limit permits you to transfer the quantity of images you’d like to transfer.

1. Open Watch App on iPhone and tap on My Watch

On your iPhone launch the Watch app. Then, from the menu located at the lower right of your screen, tap to open My Watch.

2. Tap on Photos, and then Limit Photos

Next , tap on Photos, then tap on Photos Limit.

3. Select 500 Photos

From the menu of choices, choose 500 photos or this could also be a 75 options.

How to Sync Photos to Apple Watch

Once you’ve lowered the photo limit and have the new album with the photos you’ve chosen you can follow the instructions below to transfer photos from your iPhone to the Apple Watch.

1. Open the Watch App on iPhone

Start your Watch App on your iPhone which will sync to Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

2. Tap My Watch then tap on Photos.

When the Watch app is open After that, click on My Watch from the menu at the lower left. Then, tap Photos from the menu of apps.

3. Tap on Synced Album

Tap to open the Synced Album option, which is found under”Photo Syncing.

4. Select Album

Select the album you would like to sync with Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

After you’ve selected the album you would like to sync with Apple Watch, you will need to wait until the sync process is complete. Based on the quantity of photos you want to sync, the process may take quite a while.

After the process of synchronizing photos is completed after which you can launch photos in the Photos application on the Apple Watch and start viewing images right on your wrist Your Apple Watch.

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