How to Remove Synced Photos From iPhone and iPad

Many people face the issue of not being able remove photos that were synchronized to Mac or PCs on their devices. Below are the steps needed to remove Synced Photos from iPhone and iPad.

Removing Synced Photos from iPhone and iPad

Although most photos can be deleted easily on iPhone Photos synchronized to iPhone from a Mac or Windows computer are not able to be erased on iPhone.

The only method to uninstall Synced Photos from your iPhone and iPad is connecting the gadget to the Mac or PC that the Photos were initially imported.

1. Deleting Synced Photos On iPhone By Using Mac

The steps are below for how to remove Synced Photos from your iPhone or iPad by using Mac.

1. Plug iPhone into Mac with the supplied lightning cable.

2. Click on the icon for Finder and choose your iPhone from the side menu.

3. Next, click on the Photos (1) tab. Then, select selected albums (2) option, and then uncheck the Photo Albums (3) with Synced Pictures you wish to delete from your iPhone.

4. After you are done checking Photo Albums, click on the Apply button.

5. Wait for the changes to sync to your iPhone.

When the syncing process is complete, all synced photos will be removed out of your computer.

2. Removing Synced Photos on iPhone Utilizing Windows computer

With the exception of the slightly different interface and a slightly different interface, the steps to delete the synchronized photos on iPhone or iPad using a Windows computer are identical to the steps for Mac.

1. Plug iPhone into Windows Computer using its supplied lightning cable.

2. Open iTunes and click on the Phone icon, as it shows in iTunes.

3. Select Photos (1) in the side menu, select the folders you want to check (2) option. Uncheck Photos Albums (3) with Synced Pictures which you would like to delete from your iPhone and then click Apply.

4. Wait for the updates to sync to your iPhone.

When it is Syncing Process is finished Once the Syncing Process is completed, all Synced photographs will automatically be deleted from the iPhone.

The Selected Folders option is greyed out in iTunes

Many users have complained of not being able to access the “Selected folders” feature in iTunes on an Windows computer.

When the “Selected Folders” option is grayed out, press the Down Arrow next to “Copy Photos from” option, and then select the an iPod the Photo Cache Folder.

It is possible that the “iPod Photos Cache” Folder will be available by clicking the Down Arrow next to Copy Photos from the menu.

If you don’t, you’ll locate “iPod Cache Folder” in the Photos Folder from which you first synchronized photos to your iPhone.

When you have selected the iPod Photo Cache After that, the “Selected Folders” option will be available for you to select.

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