How to Make iPhone Remind You to Call Back Someone

If you’re too busy to make an appointment on iPhone You could use your Remind Me function to make iPhone remind you to contact this person any time you have time.

Set your iPhone to remind you to contact you

“Remind Me” is a feature that only works on the iPhone “Remind Me” feature on iPhone is only available when an incoming phone call comes into your iPhone and allows you to have the iPhone be reminded to contact to the caller.

This feature is very simple to use and makes sure that you don’t miss vital calls with your iPhone.

Remind Me feature on iPhone Remind Me feature of the iPhone gives you the possibility of setting both Time -based and Location -based reminders for your iPhone.

Set a Time Based Reminder for your iPhone

When a call arrives on your iPhone and you’re unable to answer the phone then tap”Remind Me.

In the pop-up window that displays you can tap Remind within 1 Hour to have you iPhone notify you that it is time to call to the person in 1 hour.

Create a Location Based Reminder on iPhone

If you hear a call approaching or you iPhone will ring, press to remind yourself.

In the pop-up window that displays you can tap the When I Leave to let the iPhone be reminded to call to the person who you’re looking to get out of your present place (Home in this instance).

To be able to utilize this feature, you will need to grant your iPhone with consent to keep track of your current location. If your iPhone cannot be tracked your location, you’ll get a pop-up informing you to turn on Location services for your iPhone.

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