How to Loop YouTube Videos on Mac and Windows PC

Sometimes, a YouTube Music Video posted on YouTube is so enjoyable that you’ll be playing it again and time. Below are the steps for loop YouTube videos using Mac and for Windows PC.

Loop YouTube Videos on Mac and Windows PC

When the Video is over, YouTube will automatically play the next Video. If you’ve switched off YouTube Autoplay, and you have turned off Autoplay, YouTube will stop playing the Video at the point it ends and present you with different videos that you can play.

In the past, users needed to install third parties Apps to play YouTube videos using the Mac or Windows PC.

Nowadays, the majority of browsers include an integrated feature that lets you to loop YouTube videos for a long time on your computer without downloading any third Party Application.

Steps to Loop YouTube Videos on Windows PC and Mac

The steps below for looping YouTube videos for Mac as well as Windows PC work on almost all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

1. Open any web browser on your computer , and go to

2. On YouTube, play the video you would like to loop and then play the video.

3. Once the video has begun playing, click on the Video , and then select the Loop option on the dropdown menu (See the image below)

Following this you will notice that you will notice that the YouTube Video will be playing in the form of a Loop for you Mac or Windows PC. The video you choose to play until it is finished and then begin playing over again until you decide to stop it.

Stop YouTube Video Playing in Loop

In order to put an end to your YouTube Video playing in a Loop it is easy to shut the window, then click on the next Video to play it, or click on the Video and then select the Loop option on the menu dropdown.

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