How to Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire restricts you only to Amazon Marketplace and doesn’t permit installing Apps that come from different sources. Below, you will find the steps needed to Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire and Fire HD tablets without rooting the device.

Install the Google Play Store on Kindle Fire and Fire HD Tablets

The most important reason the reason why people think of installing Google Play Store on Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets is to access popular Android applications such as YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome and others.

After Google Play Store is installed on the Kindle Fire tablet, it becomes simple to download and install the latest Free or Paid Android app that is available from the Google Play Store.

Let’s proceed to take an overview of the steps required to set up Google Play Store on Kindle Fire Tablet

Step #1 – Allow the installation of apps from unknown Sources

First, you must enable the installation of applications from Unknown sources on your device . This can be done by accessing your Settings of your Kindle Fire device.

Click on Settings > Security and Privacy. Turn ON the option to allow “Apps from unknown Sources” found under Advanced Settings

You will receive a message regarding the dangers from the use of Apps that are not from reputable sources. Click OK.

Make sure that you power OFF the Kindle Fire, then restart it once more for this update to take effect to your gadget.

Step #2 – Download and install APK Files

Next step downloading and installing your APK Files that are required for installing Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire device.

  1. Account Manager at Google Account Manager
  2. Google Services Framework
  3. Google Play Services (For 7th Generation Kindle Fire tablets). Go to this link in the event that you own the older Generation Kindle Fire tablet
  4. Google Play Store

Although you can look for the above files on the APKMirror web site, and save them to your device, the most efficient method of downloading the documents is by opening this post in the Kindle Fire device , and then then click on the links above.

Very Important In order to install successfully Google Play Store on Kindle Fire It is crucial to download and install the APK files at the exact same time.

Click the first link, and you’ll be taken to the download page on APK Mirror website.

In the downloads section, go to the bottom to the bottom, ignoring all Links or Prompts, Ads and then click to download the APK link to begin downloading the Google Account Manager APK file on your device.

Then, you’ll see an icon that reads “This type of file could cause harm to Your device.” Select”OK” and download the APK file to your device.

After the File has been downloaded, click open to access the File.

Then, scroll to the lower part of the screen and click Install.

After the File has been installed, click Done.

Similar to the fourth, third, and second link, and follow the same procedures as before to download and install the three remaining APK files onto your device.

Step #3 – Access the Google Play Store on Kindle Fire Tablet

After installing the 4 APK files, the Google Play Store icon will be displayed at the top of the Home Screen of your Kindle Fire Tablet.

Simply tap in to open the Google Play Store App and Log-in with your Gmail address and Password.

In the beginning, you might experience difficulties and notice Google Play Store being buggy and not functioning properly. But it will eventually make itself updated (in its background) and you’ll find it functioning correctly.

To accelerate your Play Store update, you may begin looking for apps and download Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome or any other Android apps for your Android device.

If needed, you’ll be asked to upgrade Google Play Services and the application you’re looking to download would take you to the Google Play Service page.

After you have updated Google Play Service, you will see Google Play Store working normally on your device.

Install Button is greyed out or disabled in Kindle Fire

If you own the Kindle Fire running Fire OS or later, you could have issues installing APK files onto your device.

You might notice the Install button blacked-out or not working while you try to download your APK files, causing you to stop the installation.

You can utilize the solution below to get out of this problem to install APK files onto your device.

1. When you find the Install button is not functioning or grayed out, you can simply turn off your device.

2. Turn ON the device once more

3. After that, scroll down to the end of the installation screen and click on the button to install.

You should now observe the Install button functioning correctly.

Another option is to tap to the Recent Apps Icon and then choose to go directly to the App Installation Page from the latest Apps list. Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice the Install button functioning.

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