How to Fix Chromecast Not Working Issue

The problem with Chromecast not working was mentioned by a few users. Here are the steps needed to resolve this issue.

Google Chromecast Not Working

Most of the time the problem with Chromecast not working is resolved by Rebooting or Power Cleaning Chromecast. Chromecast Device.

When Power Flushing or Rebooting does not work, try factory Reset Chromecast and then Setup Chromecast Device with the Google Home App.

If none of these techniques work, it is likely that the issue is a hardware issue and you might need to upgrade your Chromecast device.

1. Manually Reboot Chromecast manually

Although there isn’t a Reboot button available on Chromecast however, it is quickly rebooted by disconnecting the power source.

1. Pull out the Chromecast device from the TV or Wall Outlet.

2. Wait for 60 seconds before connecting Chromecast to the TV and also to the Wall Outlet.

After restarting Chromecast manually, test to determine if it’s functioning properly.

2. Reboot Router

Rebooting the Router will resolve most issues for WiFi connected devices.

1. Unplug the Router/Modem from the power supply source.

2. Wait for 60 seconds. Then, plug the Router into its Power Source. Source.

Verify whether Chromecast is working.

3. Energy Flush Chromecast along with TV

The power of Flushing Chromecast Device as well as TV are able to fix issues with stuck processes and glitches that cause issues.

1. Power OFF TV and disconnect the Power Cord from the Wall Outlet.

2. Disconnect Chromecast from the Wall Outlet and also from the HDMI port on the TV.

3. Wait for 30 seconds, then connect the your TV with the Power Supply and Switch ON the TV.

4. Next, connect Chromecast to the Power Supply (Wall Outlet).

5. Wait for 30 seconds then connect Chromecast via the HDMI port on your TV.

6. If required, utilize using the remote on your television to turn this display onto the appropriate HDMI port (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.) to where your Chromecast gadget is attached.

Then, you can try to cast YouTube or Chrome from your phone or computer to your TV.

4. Update Chrome Browser

If you’re unable to cast your Chrome browser from your Computer to your TV, make sure you’re running the most recent version Chrome.

1. Open Chrome browser and click on the 3-dots menu icon , then select the Help tab, then About Google Chrome.

2. Chrome will begin to scan for updates and install them onto your PC.

5. Google Chromecast Factory Reset

The easiest method for you to Factory Reset Chromecast is by using the Google Home App on your iPhone or Android Phone.

The steps needed to factory Reset Chromecast for your phone in this article: How to Factory Reset Chromecast.

There is also the option to Factory Reset Chromecast by hand pressing the Reset button within the Chromecast device.

1. Make sure the Chromecast device is correctly plugged onto the TV.

2. Press and hold the Reset button on Chromecast. Hold the button until it begins flashing.

3. Release the Reset Button once the light stops flashing , and remains solid (without blinking).

Chromecast will reboot and reset itself to its Factory Default Settings.

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