How to Enable or Disable Call Waiting on iPhone

You can easily disable call waiting on iPhone if you prefer missing calls going to VoiceMail or being diverted via another Number to bother you instead of during ongoing calls.

iPhone Call Waiting Feature

The Call Waiting feature of iPhone is intended to notify you about incoming calls while you are still connected with ongoing calls.

This allows you respond to important business and personal calls by either switching to the waiting call immediately or ending the ongoing conversation to get in touch with your caller.

Call Waiting is annoying if you’re already on a call and your phone keeps ringing about other calls.

Although iPhone supports Call Waiting (and it does work on iPhone), it only works if your Service Provider supports it and it is part of your Mobile Plan.

1. Allow Call Waiting on iPhone

Follow these steps if your Mobile Phone Plan includes Call Waking.

1. Start Settings > scroll down, and tap on Phone.

2. Tap on Call Waiting.

3. Move the toggle next to Call Waiting from ON to the ON position.

2. Disable call waiting on iPhone

You can turn off or disable call waiting on your iPhone if you don’t want to be distracted by an ongoing phone call.

1. Click Settings > Phone > Call Waiting.

2. Move the toggle next Call Waiting to the OFF position.

This will stop your iPhone from ringing or prompting you to answer about someone calling while you are engaged in an important conversation.

When Call Waiting has been disabled, calls you cannot attend will be automatically diverted to Voice Mail.

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