How to Buy Kindle Fire in Canada and Get the Most out of it

Amazon isn’t able to deliver all models of its bestselling Kindle Fire Tablet outside the United States, which practically means that people living in Canada can’t purchase the version they prefer of Kindle Fire from Amazon. Therefore, let’s examine How to Buy Kindle Fire in Canada and get the most value from it.

How to Purchase Amazon Fire in Canada

One of the simplest ways to buy your preferred version of Kindle Fire in Canada would be to call anyone within the geo-location in Canada in the United States and ask them to purchase your preferred model of Kindle Fire for you.

You can send the device to your address in Canada or collect it in person on your visit in this area of the United States.

However, not all have relatives or friends in the United States or may not need to utilize this option. If this is the scenario, you may take advantage of the following options for purchasing the version you prefer or Kindle Fire from Amazon.

1. Order Kindle Fire through and then provide the nearest UPS store in the USA as the shipping address. You could go across the border to the UPS store located across the border to pick up the Kindle Fire.

To achieve this goal you can avail of services such as which only cost you $5 for most delivery.

2. The second option is to take advantage of companies such as Borderlinx, Vpost and Comgateway that permit you to purchase products on at their shipping address, and then send items to your address of residence in Canada.

Before you decide to use any of these options It is recommended to verify whether the version you prefer Kindle Fire is available on

In our most recent check and review, we were delighted to find both the basic edition Kindle Fire and also Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet accessible via the Amazon Canadian website.

Kindle Fire HD 10, Kindle Fire Kids Edition and Kindle Fire tablets with more storage options were not made available.

Does the Kindle Fire work in Canada? Canada

If you’ve obtained an Kindle Fire in Canada, your next step is to ensure that you make the most of it. Many users would want to test this Free Amazon Prime Trial which allows you to watch a variety of Movies, Videos and Popular TV Shows.

Since Amazon Prime is available in Canada and Canada, you’ll be able to avail Amazon Prime Trial for a entire month. If you are a fan of Prime but don’t like the Prime Service and wish to avail the Free 2 Day shipping included as part of it, then you are able to sign up for Amazon Prime for $79 per year.

Advantages offered by Amazon Prime in Canada

  • Free Two-Day Shipping on any purchase with No Limits
  • Weekend delivery is available in areas
  • The ability to access Prime Video streaming
  • Prime Music Access Prime Music
  • You can access Twitch Prime (Gaming)
  • Unlimited photo storage Amazon Drive
  • Access to Lightning deals before the competition. Lightning deals
  • 20 discount on diapers, and 10% off selected video games
  • The ability to access Prime Day

What else can you do with Kindle Fire? Canada

If you reside within Canada, UK, Australia or any other country outside of the borders of the United States, you can still make the most the Kindle Fire tablet and will be able to accomplish these things:

  • Surf the web with WiFi network
  • Purchase/Read Books and Magazines
  • Listen to videos and watch music
  • Watch music, movies as well as TV programs to the Kindle Fire

Additionally, the advanced Android Device users can do the following.

  • Download Android Apps from the Android Marketplace
  • Download Apps through Third Party Services
  • Side-load apps to the Fire Fire
  • Root Kindle Fire Tablet


Kindle Fire is perhaps the most affordable Android Tablet in the market by a well-known manufacturer. It makes the sense to purchase Kindle Fire from Canada with any of the options previously mentioned, especially when it is offered at deeply discounted prices on Amazon.

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