Forgot iPad passcode reset with 3 methods

If you are still able to are able to remember your iPad passcode reset it is simple. It is as simple as unlocking your iPad by entering the passcode you have entered, then navigate to Settings and then Passcode (or Touch ID & Passcode) to change your Passcode and enter the previous passcode before entering the brand new passcode to reset you iPad password.

But, if you have lost your iPad Pro/Air/mini’s password, how do you get it back? Here will show three ways for resetting your iPad password when you have forgotten it.

Reset your iPad using iTunes

If you’ve connected your iPad using iTunes on a PC, and taken an back-up of your iPad then you are able to restore your iPad and then restore it using iTunes backup.

1. Launch iTunes and then connect your iPad to the computer via USB cable.

2. Create a Sync and a current backup of your iPad.

If iCloud Backup feature is disabled on your iPad If it is turned off, your iPad will sync with iTunes automatically when you connect it to the computer that you have previously synced. If it does not sync on its own, hit the “Sync” (or Apply) button to start the process of sync. You must wait for your iPad’s to sync before clicking”Back Up Now” to make a backup “Back Up Now” to create an up-to-date backup of your iPad.

If this is your first time connecting your iPad to the computer, you’ll need to enter a passcode on the iPad screen. The iPad can be connected to a different computer that you’ve synchronized previously, or look at the different methods listed below.

3. Select “Restore iPad”, and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to restore your iPad to default settings.

4. After you have reset your iPad, tap “Slide to set up” to start your iPad. In the Set Up screen you can tap “Restore from iTunes backup”.

If you don’t wish for your device to go back to its original state, choose “Set Up as New iPad” Follow the instructions on screen to create the new passcode, and then create your iPad.

5. Return to iTunes and choose your iPad. You can then select the most recent backup in order to restore the iPad. If you have forgotten your iTunes backup password encrypted Get iTunes Password Tuner to help get back the iTunes Backup password.

6. After restoration, open your iPad then tap Settings , Passcode (or Touch ID and Passcode) to turn Passcode on and then enter your desired passcode to reset the password on your iPad.

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Reset your iPad by visiting

In the event that “Find My iPad” is activated on the settings on your iPad You can visit to erase your passcode and the data off your iPad. Then, you can access your iPad with no password.

1. Visit the web page then log in using the Apple ID and password on the computer. Join your device to the computer using a USB cable.

2. Select “All Devices” on the top of the page and then select your iPad.

3. Simply click on “Erase iPad” to clear the passcode and information from your iPad.

4. After you erase, is now at”slide-to-set up. “slide to set up” screen. Swipe to unlock the iPad using no security code.

5. If you’ve previously saved your iPad backup to iCloud prior to this, choose “Restore from iCloud backup”. After restoration, navigate into Settings and then Passcode (or Touch ID & Passcode) to turn on Passcode to set a fresh passcode to your iPad.

6. If you do not wish for you to make a backup of your iPad choose “Set Up as New iPad” Follow the instructions for setting up to set up a passcode on your iPad.

Hard reset iPad after Recovery mode

If the two above methods aren’t working for you, then you might have to reset your iPad out of Recovery mode. This process erases all information and settings, including your passcode from your tablet and won’t be able to assist you back up your tablet from backup. However, an iPad that is new , it’s much superior to an iPad that is bricks.

For a hard reset of your iPad to Recovery mode:

1. Switch off your iPad by connecting it to your your computer using a USB cable. Then, start iTunes.

2. Hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously until you can see an Recovery mode display.

3. If you go to iTunes and you’ll get a pop-up box that reads Restore and Update. Click “Restore”, and follow the prompts to restore your iPad.

4. Let the restoration process to be completed. Once your iPad is at the setup screen, choose “Set Up as New iPad” Follow the steps to create your iPad and create an additional passcode for your iPad once more.

Resetting your iPad will erase your passcode and allow you to access your iPad without passcode and gain access to it. You can then reset an entirely new passcode for your iPad.

Tips: If you are resetting the passcode to your iPhone, make sure to use a password that is simple to remember, yet difficult for other people to determine. If you forget your iPad passcode , you should make notes on the password you have changed. You can also backup and sync your iPad using iTunes.

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