Fix: “Cannot Verify Server Identity” Error on iPhone

If you’re trying to make an Email and you get an alert that reads “Cannot Verify Server Identity” on your iPhone then you can solve the issue by following the steps below for troubleshooting.

iPhone “Cannot verify Server Identity”

The general rule is that iPhone is able to display “Cannot verify Server Identity” error when new Email Account is created or added to the Mail App and also while trying to send an Email.

It is because of iPhone not being able to download or confirm it’s Mail server’s SSL certificate. It could also be due to the fact that the SSL certificate is invalid and is not valid or in conflict with the domain’s name.

1. Restart iPhone

Restarting or Rebooting your device is the most suggested method of troubleshooting the issue with an iPhone which is experiencing minor performance issues or issues.

Select Settings > General, then scroll to the bottom and click Shut Down. The next screen will appear you can use the slider to turn off the device.

For 30 seconds, wait and start your phone by pressing Power.

2. Force-Close Mail Application and Re-open

From the towards the bottom of the screen. take a second to pause and you’ll be able to see you will see the App Cards. Swipe to the left or right on the Cards to locate Mail App Card. Mail App Card.

Swipe the Mail App Card to force-close the Mail App. Then, re-open Mail App Mail App and try to send the Email in a second time.

3. Then delete the email account and add the Account Back

Log into Settings, Mail and Accounts. Select Your Email Account.

Next, choose from the Delete Account choice.

Click on Settings > Accounts > Email > Add Account Next screen, you will be able to choose the Email Service provider.

Then, on your next screen, you will need to enter on the next two screen, your Email Address along with your password to sign in.

Next screen switch the toggle next to Mail into the ON and then tap Save.

NOTE: If you want to, you may also add calendars, contacts, and Notes.

4. Reset Network Settings

Sometimes, the issue is caused by Network Settings on your iPhone getting corrupted or damaged.

Navigate to Settings > General, scroll down, and click Reset. The next page, you can tap on the Reset Network Settings option.

When the confirmation pop-up appears Tap on Reset in order to verify.

When you have completed the Network Setting Reset you’ll have reconnect on the WiFi Network through the use of Your WiFi Network password.

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