Can You Draw a Radius on Google Maps?

Google Maps is perhaps the most well-known navigation application both on desktop computers. It’s reliable, simple to use and covers nearly 100% of the globe. However, there’s plenty of room to improve. For instance, Google Maps doesn’t have an integrated tool to determine how far two locations are half-way.

Many people are also asking whether it’s possible draw an area ring, as well as a radius in Google Maps. Follow this guide to find out the answer on this issue.

How do I draw a Radius on Google Maps?

Google Maps does not support the radius function so it isn’t able to calculate the radius of a particular place. However, you are able to calculate how far two points are.

To help you remember The circumference of circles refers to the distance that extends from its edge to its center. The radius functionality is not available in Google Maps nor Google Earth has the capability to calculate the radius.

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Make use of an alternative tool

We have found two useful tools which you can use to draw circles on your map. One tool is CalcMaps which is the other can be found at

When using the CalcMaps click on draw the circle and place the circle to the map you’re interested in. Then, select the drop-down menu in order to choose the radius you wish to apply. The tool calculates automatically the area of the circle, too. doesn’t have maps with detailed information however, you can draw circles around a specific area. Click the Draw Circle or Draw Circle icon and then select the area you wish to draw the circle around. Then, you can resize or change the radius.


Although Google Maps doesn’t support the radius feature, you can utilize an alternative online mapping service that draws a circle around a specific location. If you’ve discovered other map applications that use the radius function Please list the tools in the comments below.

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