Build Mobile App without Coding with these 8 Platforms

When build mobile app for your business, there are many factors to consider. These factors are largely determined by cost and approach. It is not cheap to hire a developer to build mobile app for you, even if you hire someone with less-than-professional experience.

The longer-term cost of a mobile app is going to increase the more complicated it is. It might be worth looking into ways to create your own mobile apps on your own. Software tech is constantly evolving so building a mobile app with no prior programming knowledge is possible.

You may be asking yourself, “Does this limit my ability build a dynamic, feature-rich mobile app?” . There are many ways to answer this question. Let’s break it down.

Mobile app builders: The evolution

Building mobile apps with builders wasn’t the best option a few years back. You couldn’t create anything beyond a static app without dynamic features.

This is not the case anymore. The new generation of mobile app builders allows for extensions, dynamic widgets and simplified real-time features. For the most part, small business owners don’t require much more.

This example shows how to integrate a whole YouTube channel into your mobile app. The app will update the video list dynamically in real-time, instead of manually adding new videos .

You can also apply the same method to other areas of your application.

Take, for example:

  • Content. Send out new content to your app when they occur, regardless of whether it comes from your blog, content systems, or an eCommerce shop.
  • Push Notifications. Modern app builders can now provide push notifications to your own mobile app.
  • User portals. You want to create a place for your users to come together. You could create something similar to Instagram and Facebook. This is possible with the latest mobile app builders.
  • eCommerce. Many people who are building a mobile app look for eCommerce-related features. Good news! App builders allow you to build an entire eCommerce business without writing any code.

There are many additional benefits and features that you can add. We’re going to review the top mobile app builders available. It might surprise you to learn how skilled these builders are, and how many people are creating mobile apps in this manner.

Let’s take a closer view.


AppyPie enables more than 3,000,000 creators to create a fully functional mobile application using only visual building blocks. AppyPie offers full-on Progressive web apps functionality in addition to Android and iOS support. Your mobile app will look just like any other website in a browser. This solves both of these issues.

AppyPie’s operation is very simple. AppyPie allows you to start with an application idea. Then, you can focus on the features that AppyPie has. These features are the foundation of any application you want to create. Here are some examples of the different categories that the features can be divided into:

  • Social
  • Multimedia
  • eCommerce
  • Get in touch
  • Information

Social features will allow you to add Directory listings and Member cards, Form builders, User folders, as well as other useful features. Each feature can be customized for different pages in your mobile app.

AppyPie provides free assistance to get your apps published in Google Play and the Apple Store. It is extremely easy to use and provides a central dashboard for managing all your app needs.


What does it feel like to be able to design your own mobile apps with no coding skills?

Amazing, isn’t it?

Adalo helps you create new apps and make them a reality in a few easy steps. No longer will you need a developer to design and develop your apps. Drag and drop components will allow you to control your design.

Adalo allows you to easily add database configurations and interact with other users. Adalo can integrate with an existing API if it is available. You can launch your true mobile app on both the Android and iOS application stores with a single click.

Adalo can be used for many things, including:

  • Designing a prototype and building a real app using spreadsheets and databases
  • Dragging and dropping useful building blocks to create the app’s interface
  • All pages linked together without missing a beat
  • Choose from simple or card lists to create your listing.
  • Add forms, calendars, payment options and many more.

You can also create your dashboard to automatically update the data of each user. You can also add icons to make it more user-friendly by creating navigation bars. For icons, buttons and images, you can choose from different sizes and add text.

You can also add push notifications to specific users, user authentication, as well as device actions. Adalo allows you to create relationships between objects, manage users’ data, and even make equations. You can also connect multiple apps to a single shared database.

You can start designing mobile apps free of charge, or you can choose an existing plan starting at $50 per month.

Pro Composer

You don’t really need to know coding in order to design an app. Composer PRO by AppGyver allows you to create apps for any device quickly and easily.

Composer Pro will not compromise on the quality or design implementation. Many style properties will ensure that you have a perfect experience. Composer Pro allows you to create native apps that are optimized for every device.

You will also find hundreds of logics. There are no limits to what you can think about, be it array operations, engineering, maths, or UI logic. Composer Pro covers it all. You’ll get 500 blocks and can share your components with the community.

The theme engine is extremely powerful and allows you to mix and match components to make them work together. You can also integrate any API with their REST integration wizard, and you can also use pre-built connections. After you’re done, you can send your application and release it to users.

You also get debugging tools and deployment pipelines, animation engines and plugins. Multi-language support and font support are all included. Composer Pro is completely free and allows you to publish apps to Google Playstore and App Store. You can also host your site on CDN (if desired).


With GoodBarber, you can create an app for mobile devices. The App builder makes your work easier and more intuitive. GoodBarber’s best technology allows you to quickly create any app. This includes an eCommerce app, content management apps, and many more.

You can provide a high-quality experience for your audience/users with various design options. GoodBarber allows you to create a PWA (Progressive Web App), that can be used on any device. With a simple URL, you can grant access to PWA from any browser.

GoodBarbar also offers advanced features such as push notifications and offline mode. App Builder offers many benefits. You can get a single subscription, rather than receiving a large invoice amount from developers.

GoodBarbar has the following:

  • iOS native app developed in C
  • Java-based development of an Android app
  • PWA created in Angular and compatible to every web browser
  • Simple interface and back-office to manage
  • Apps that are up-to-date
  • Expert support

You also get push notifications, push notifications and CMS (to create images, videos, text or sound), universal links, autologin, one click payment, permanent cart, and many other features. You can also create your own chat channel and interact with users easily.

UGC (User-Generated Content) allows you to invite your audience to contribute to the development of resources within the app. They can also send articles and videos from their smartphones.

Select the plan that suits you best and get a 30-day trial for free without revealing any credit card information.


You can be skeptical about the abilities of some mobile app developers. A team of developers usually creates the most interactive and dynamic apps. It is natural to be skeptical about the potential of a mobile application building service. BuildFire has a lot to offer. It is also very transparent about the features and tools it offers.

BuildFire’s main feature is its plugin system. A selection of widgets and plugins will be available for every mobile app that you create with BuildFire. These plugins provide all the functionality and tools needed to build specific mobile apps. You can choose from Shopify or Square. PayPal and other integrations are also available.

It is very flexible to build apps. Start with the Home page, and work your way to other pages and content. You will also be able add real-time features such as user profiles, push notifications and blog content. BuildFire customers have the option to choose from more than 12 templates that will help accelerate the application-building process.

Each feature is explained in a video tutorial, or in a blog post. BuildFire hosts regular Webinars that allow customers to learn more about the different types of apps they can create. It is a very customer-friendly brand.

The pricing question is the final issue. The Basic plan is $89 per month, and will suffice for your basic business needs. The Professional plan costs $149 per month, and includes additional features such as push notifications and in-app purchases. The Enterprise plan is $499 per month and includes all features of BuildFire.

All apps created with BuildFire work with both iOS and Android devices.


The Scratch platform is a tool that can help you learn to program . It uses a block-based interface to build apps and teach programming. Thunkable appears to have taken a lot of inspiration from Scratch’s approach to building mobile apps.

This will allow you to quickly build mobile app and also help you learn new techniques. It is not difficult to create basic applications. Thunkable, a visual app builder for mobile apps, still offers a user-friendly interface.

This image shows you the interface that you will be using most of the time. The Blocks selection will allow you to see how your app interacts and interacts with objects. This is similar to Scratch. This is a great tool if you are looking to learn mobile app programming.

The pricing is very attractive, too. Thunkable is free for anyone to create mobile apps. You can get more storage and personalized branding options with the premium plan ($21/month).


AppInstitute is a growing startup that has helped more than 150,000 customers around the world. The company’s intuitive mobile app builders are designed for small business owners. AppInstitute offers many appealing features for busy business owners who don’t know much code but still need a mobile application.

AppInstitute’s success is its ability to quickly build mobile app for your business. You have plenty of customization options and the process is simplified into just four steps.

  • Select a template. You can use a pre-built template to bootstrap a fully functional app. AppInstitute includes areas such as events, sports and restaurants.
  • Add branding elements. Once you have a template you can add branding elements. You can add a custom logo, social media links and photos to your template.
  • Edit content. You can make any changes from the custom app builder interface.
  • Instantly publish. Apps are available whenever you need them. You can publish your apps to the most popular mobile shops with just one click.

AppInstitute does not charge you unless you publish your application. Premium pricing starts at $40 per month for the cheapest plan.


Andromo is the best platform to create mobile apps and make money. This Android-only platform for app building is among the best in the industry. The seamless interface allows you to create personal and business apps quickly.

Andromo’s native integration with socially-oriented design elements is one of its key strengths. It is one thing to create an app that gives resources. But it’s quite another to have your community interact with the resources in real time.

Andromo provides the tools you need to build a music library, or a travel guide. You don’t even need to write one line of code. Andromo generates every mobile application in native Android code. It is easy to publish on the Google Play Store.

Andromo’s making money features are also well-known. How popular is the mobile market these days. There are many opportunities to make money publishing apps. Andromo can help you in this area via its own advertising network as well as that of AdMob.

Mobile apps can be built without the use of code

Is it possible to build functional mobile apps with no programming knowledge? Absolutely.

This post contains a list of apps that perfectly exemplify this sentiment. The best news is that technology will continue to evolve. It is expected that more mobile app developers will support third-party integrations. This will make it easier to create dynamic apps.

Lastly, determine the features that you are looking for in a mobile app. This will allow you to narrow down which platforms best suit your needs. Also, consider your future budget. Although some platforms are more expensive than others, custom mobile app development can run upwards of $50,000.

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