11 Best Rank Tracking and Keyword Manager SEO Tools

It is difficult to secure top rankings in search engines such as Google. It’s possible to achieve top rankings in search engines like Google if you use the right combination of SEO tools and strategies.

Keywords are an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, it is important to understand how keywords perform on search engine results pages.

It is crucial for online businesses to track keyword rankings and analyze and manage keywords. This helps you determine the rank of your website on search engines and how effective your SEO strategy is. It also allows you to identify which keywords are most important to you and what you need to improve.

When picking keywords to target, you should only work with the best Sheffield digital agency as they would know which keywords will generate the most return on investment.

These aspects will be covered in detail. This article will also introduce you to keyword management and top rank tracking tools that can help you plan your SEO strategy to get better results.

Why are these tools so important?

Rank tracking tools allow you to track multiple keywords’ rankings over time using multiple search engines and URLs. These tools may also include geo-targeting, keyword suggestion, tracking for mobile and desktop search rankings, and other features.

Keyword management tools allow you to perform keyword research and data analysis. You can then sort these keywords into groups and manage them easily with ease in order to improve your SEO.

These tools allow you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. These tools are useful for many other reasons.

To increase visibility

A keyword tracking tool can help you determine where your keywords rank in the SERPs. This tool helps you identify the most effective keywords to increase your visibility.

Monitor rank positions

You can monitor your rank position to determine which keywords work well for you. You can check the cause of a rank drop by looking at the source, such as competitor sites ranking higher than yours, technical issues, and so on. This information can be used to resolve the problem and improve your rankings.

Assess your Competitors

You can use the tools to identify keywords that are performing well for your competitors and help you achieve high rankings. It is possible to see which keywords are not being used and what their performance is for your target keywords. You can also find the best-performing content, backlinks and social engagement.

These tools will allow you to choose the best keywords for your website to rank for, and to make informed decisions.

Find Keyword Opportunities

It is easier to identify better keywords opportunities based on search volume, ranking pages and search intent. This helps you prioritize keywords more efficiently.

Let’s now look at keyword management and top rank tracking tools for your website.


Semrush is a popular platform for digital marketers around the world. It makes keyword research, rank tracking, analysis, as well as keyword research simple. 13 tools from 40+ digital marketing domains are linked to keyword research, and rank tracking.

Semrush provides 6 tools to assist you in your SEO keyword research. This will help you stand out and improve your SEO rankings. These are:

  • Keyword Overview: This tool allows you to find the value of any keyword and judge its competition. You can also find out how it fits into your marketing plans.
  • Organic Research: This tool allows you to analyze the full list of organic keyword rankings for your competitors. This tool helps you find the top performing organic keywords in your niche, and it also allows you to win SERPs.
  • Keyword Magic Tool: This massive database of 20+ million keywords is your goldmine for keyword research. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and a simple user-friendly interface
  • Keyword Gap: Create effective SEO strategies by comparing your competitor’s keyword profile with yours
  • Keyword Manager: Analyse up to 1000 keywords simultaneously and track changes in top competitors and SERP Features for specific keywords.
  • Organic Traffic Insights – Cross-reference data is used to evaluate the performance of your website’s search engine results and determine the keyword “not provided”.

Semrush provides 3 rank tracking tools to help you monitor and improve your website’s SEO performance.

  • Position Tracking: Google allows you to track keywords, domains, and competitors. It helps you track your campaign’s progress and find and resolve cannibalization. Plus, it optimizes targeting efforts with accurate, daily updated information.
  • Sensor: Monitor Google and Baidu SERP Volatilities Based on Ranking Changes You can monitor the signals indicating algorithm updates by Google and other indicators.
  • Ranks: Find domains with the highest organic visibility, paid visitors, and/or keywords in different markets around the world, then pull the data.

Semrush also offers tools to assist you in keyword research for PPC. This will allow you to connect with your target audience more effectively and deliver the content, products, or services they want. These tools can be used to optimize PPC campaigns and set negatives.


The powerful SEO tools of Seobase are trusted by more than 15k customers around the world.

You can take better control over your online presence with accurate rank tracking and keyword management. Based on current keyword positions and search volumes, the metrics will show you tracked site data.

Seobase allows you to view keyword metrics using different dates. It is easy to create tracking and receive ranking updates daily. This will allow you to monitor how your website does on desktop and mobile platforms.

You can use colored tags to identify keywords and keep your organization organized. Advanced keyword filtering is available. You can also view all related information on the dashboard at once.


Position monitoring allows you to track changes in keywords positions, obtain data about the progress of indexing and get advice on how to improve search results positions. This service is part the sitechecker ecosystem, which provides a platform for marketers, business owners, and SEO analysts.

Rank Tracker is compatible with all four major search engines: Yahoo!, Bing, Google, and Yandex. You can set up individual monitoring settings to obtain the relevant data (by device type, geography, etc.). ).

An efficient algorithm has been developed to work with keywords: You can use one or more filters to quickly locate the required queries. You can also sort the keywords list by the number position changes. This allows you to identify the most successful requests. You have the option to bulk-work with keywords: deletion, copying and pasting to clipboard, grouping and assigning landing pages.

The tabular format of monitoring data makes it easy to see. Flexible display settings are also available. You can change the columns displayed, fix the most important ones and swap them.

Rank Tracker allows you to compare positions across a specific date range. To view the ranking results and check the changes in position after an algorithm change or major revision to the site, simply select it from the built-in calendar.

You can use a keyword tracking tool to see which queries rank out of the relevant URLs. The red markers make it easy to identify these keywords in the table.

An alternative option is to analyze search engine results for any keyword (keyword). You can compare the rankings of the sites of your competitors and check how effective you are at promoting pages on your site.

It’s easy to monitor results. For example, you can leave notes and share them with your team or clients. Reports can be exported as PDF (and branding is possible) or as CSV.

An email report with the monitoring results is sent to the address specified daily (data on the dynamics of the changes for selected keywords) or weekly (data about positions for words that are most likely to grow in organic search results).

Any of the tariff plans are available: Basic starting at $29, Startup starting at $49 and Growing starting at $99. There are differences in the number and availability of keywords for monitoring.


Serpstat can be used by SEO or PPC professionals, large digital agencies, and marketing specialists. They can conduct site analysis, collect semantics, analyze competition, do rank tracking and check backlinks.

You can search for the website of a competitor in the same niche to find semantics. To create a content strategy for your blog, you can also search for all keyword suggestions and options.

Analyze keywords’ trends and seasonality to find niche leaders based on their ad examples. To analyze SEO, you can use 18 metrics. You can also search for authoritative websites to place links. You can also increase your traffic by using high-quality keywords.

Serpstat allows you to track your website’s ranking globally and with your closest competitors. You can schedule rank tracking for daily and weekly reports. You can also access analyzed keywords to help you track market share. Serpstat allows you to access APIs for any plan. It also makes it possible to integrate with other platforms to improve your work. You can also use the Serpstat Website Search Engine Optimization Checker extension to analyze any website.

The cost is $48/month and includes access to over 20 tools.


Ahrefs is another platform marketers love. This is an SEO toolkit that will power your SEO skills even if they aren’t experts. It will help you rank higher on search engines and get more traffic.

You also get access to free learning resources and passionate support from the community to improve your SEO skills. Ahrefs offers a variety of free SEO tools including keyword generator, keyword rank checker and keyword difficulty checker. They also offer keyword tools for YouTube and Amazon.

Their Keywords Explorer allows you to find keyword ideas among thousands of options, and to analyze the ranking difficulty as well as traffic potential. It uses a large database of keywords, which is updated monthly with 7 billion+ keywords. It supports marketers from 171 nations.

Ahrefs uses clickstream information to refine their search volumes each month. This ensures that they are always up-to-date. It shows keyword difficulty score, the estimated number site clicks, parent topics for target keywords and advanced SEO metrics such as return rate, percentage clicks and paidclicks, clicks/search and so on.

You can also see SERP overviews, position history, save keywords to different lists and categorize them into other lists. You can filter keywords by search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP Features, and more to find and prioritize keywords.

Their Rank Tracker allows you to monitor Google rankings from 170 countries. Simply import keywords or enter them, then add countries/keywords and the URLs of your competition. The tool will then track and update the data.

The interactive graphs allow you to visualize SEO progress. You can check the percentage of organic search traffic that has clicked on your website. You can also track rankings in groups such as 1-3, 11-50 and so forth. It also shows the average rank and traffic along with snapshots of SEO performance over the time.

Use the “share of Voice” feature to gain insights into the keyword competition. You can get advanced metrics such as ranking progress, search volumes and CPC. Additionally, you will receive scheduled emails with reports.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking provides precise keyword rank tracking across devices and locations, as well as search engines such Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex, Yandex, Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, Bing, Bing, Yandex, and many others. They also track Google Maps results and SERP features such as videos, snippets, and Google Ads rankings.

Analyze the SEO performance of your website and search for top competition – view visibility ratings alongside your competitors sorted according to the visibility score. This is based on keywords. You can add up to 5 competitors and analyze their rankings. Get detailed reports that compare them with yours.

SE Rating gives you insights into the top 100 search results and their dynamics. This will help you to manage your online reputation as well as your rankings. Tag all search players to speedily identify them, including reviews, competitors and satellites.

You can use the white label feature to allow clients access the rank tracking software with your brand label. It can also be shared through your domain. This will allow you to build trust and respect with your clients.

If you require more than a site ranking tool with admin access, they also offer an API. All the SEO data can be extracted and used however you wish. SE Ranking allows you to organize SEO workspace using sub-accounts with different access levels to data and projects.

They take care of data security and ensure that your information is not shared with public keyword search engines. They start at $35.1/month.


SERPWatcher is a powerful keyword management and tracking tool that will outperform your competitors. It also includes impressive features.

They have created a Performance Index based on the current keyword ranking and search volumes to help you assess your site’s organic traffic performance. You can view your site’s ranking in the SERP previews daily and get important updates via email.

These data provide a balance of simple and advanced data that can be used by both experienced and novice users. The tool supports both desktop and mobile search results and provides accurate local data to track rank.

With the help of interactive report-sharing, clients and colleagues can view site rankings. You can also schedule event-based alerts to stay informed about recent changes.

The basic plan starts at $29.90/month and includes 100 keyword lookups/day. It also includes 200 keyword suggestions/search. 100 SERP lookups/day. 25 competitor keyword/search. 200 keywords/search. 200 keyword/search. 200 keyword/search. 200 keywords/search. 200 keyword/search. 200 tracked keyword/day. 20 site lookups/day. 100k backlink rows/month.


A single platform, Ranktracker, allows you to research keywords and track rankings. You can also analyze the competition around each keyword. It uses global data sources to help you stay ahead of the game in SEO, no matter if you’re a startup or an established company.

You can see the search results ranking for your chosen keyword and their positions, as well as the traffic that you get from searches. You can refine your data by adding filters and visualizing your rank on different devices from different locations.

Ranktracker’s unique tools, such as Keyword Finder or SERP Checker, provide precise insights to help you optimize SEO. These tools can be used for planning, analysis, tracking, problem-solving, and optimization.

Simply use Ranktracker to enter your keywords and then track the site’s ranking for those keywords. Keyword Finder allows you to quickly search for keywords that will bring more people to your site. You can get more traffic for less time by searching keywords that have high search volumes but low difficulty.

Ranktracker’s SERP checker tool allows you to find out how much competition exists for a search term. It provides detailed results that highlight the best opportunities for ranking your site. This tool is available in 50+ countries. You can even combine Majestic and Moz data for greater accuracy.

Web audits can be used to identify issues on your site that could slow down or reduce the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. These issues can be identified and recommended for improvement. You can also download reports or email them to your colleagues.


Nightwatch can help you increase your website’s organic traffic and analyze key keywords in your niche. You can also showcase your SEO efforts with Nightwatch . With its powerful tools for rank monitoring, backlink audit, site audit and reporting, it can help you increase your organic reach and drive sales.

They provide accurate rank tracking, regardless of whether you’re targeting global or local locations. SEO professionals can save time by having rank data readily available after they have collected it from different sources such as Google Analytics, Keyword Planner and Search Console.

Nightwatch converts this data into professional-looking reports you can share with your clients. Nightwatch’s unique feature is its ability to access all data centers of Google. It can also detect anomalies like keywords appearing or disappearing, and it will cross-reference quickly to ensure that you have the most accurate data.

Nightwatch also has a method to extract location data, which can impact search results. The data is then used to easily simulate one of these locations in search queries. This means that Nightwatch’s ranking data is more accurate for local keyword tracking.

It also allows you to experiment with keyword ranking and the impact of location on keywords ranking, which can help you find a better strategy. You can quickly create beautiful, white-labeled reports by using the drag-and-drop interface.

Automating the delivery of reports to clients or yourself can help you save time. You can increase your search engine visibility by using the Keyword Discover function. Simply enter a URL and organize them to create your campaign strategy.

Rank Tracker

Another useful SEO tool is Rank Tracker. You can do unlimited rank tracking and keyword research. You can track unlimited keywords and view rankings for different locations.

Their Rank Tracker can be customized to suit your needs. It allows you to monitor Map and Universal listings and track rankings weekly, daily, and compare keywords rankings with other sites. You can also monitor your site’s visibility score, average position and other features.

This tool allows you to track the changes in your ranking and see which keywords rank highest. You can also analyze the time when your keywords appear as featured snippets on Google’s SERP. Rank Tracker provides geo-specific rankings for any location, including a street address.

There are 23 keywords tools available within their Rank Tracker. These include Keyword Planner, Domain Search and Competition Search, Autocomplete tools as well as Google Analytics, Related Questions, Related Searches and Search Console.

These sources can be combined to provide you with countless keywords that are relevant and important in your niche. The tool automatically groups keywords by topic. This allows you to target and analyze all keyword groups at once.

This tool is extraordinary for keyword analysis. It helps you select the best keywords for your strategy, and then prioritizes them. The tool calculates difficulty levels, which can be used to identify SEO strengths and weaknesses.

Rank Tracker allows you to assess the keyword strategy of your competitors, measure their racks, record ranking history and identify areas that need improvement. Automate your tasks and check rankings. It produces 100% customizable reports that are white-labeled and can be shared easily across devices.


Moz‘s Keyword Explorer has over 500M+ traffic-driving keyword. It is a very useful SEO keyword search tool. To get started, enter a keyword or URL and find the best keywords you can target.

Moz makes it easy to do quality keyword research in a shorter time. Moz makes it easy for you to find the keywords your website should rank for with high-impact suggestions.

Up to 500 million keyword suggestions will be available, as well as results from 170 search engines and 180 million keywords that rank fresh in the SERPs. This tool also makes it easy to perform detailed keyword and SERP analysis.

Analyze keywords according to their search volume, rank them by topic using comprehensive scoring, create keyword lists, and save them. Your keyword lists, analyses, and suggestions can be exported to CSVs that are well-formatted, metrics-rich, and easily manipulated.

Long-tail keywords with higher relevancy and related keywords in question formats can beat the competition. You can sort keywords by difficulty, organic click-through rate, volume, and strategize them to target global locations. Moz also offers a variety of SEO tools, including Keyword Explorer.


Keeping tabs on how your website ranks in search engines and analysing keywords that could help you improve your SEO performance are important factors for growing your website’s online visibility, organic reach and increasing conversion rates.

Check out the keyword management and rank tracking tools I have mentioned and then go with whomever you feel is best.

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