What to Do If Your Android Email App Keeps Stopping

A lot of Android users have at least two email apps within their smartphones. The amount of Android users who check their email on mobile devices is already higher than those who use desktops for email. Inbox checking via your mobile device is quicker easier, more simple, and efficient.

However, your email app could stop working from time to time. The app may not respond or shows different error codes onto the screen. Let’s take a look at how to fix your email app issues on Android.

What Can I Do If My Email Stops Working on Android?

Force Stop the App

If your email program is experiencing intermittent glitches, forcing it to close it will fix the issue. In Settings and then tap Apps Select the troublesome email application, then click the Force stop option. Relaunch the app, and verify whether you are able to access your email.


Restart Your Device

If restarting the app doesn’t solve the issue Try to restart your computer. Press your Power button till the terminal starts to restart. After two minutes, restart the app for mail and see whether the issue persists.

Sign out of Your Account and Clear the Cache

If your email application does not establish a reliable connectivity to an email service, sign off of the account. Shut down the app and go through settings. Choose the Apps then tap on your email application and then choose the Storage option. Click The delete cache button, restart the application and then log back into. Make sure the issue has gone.

Update the App

Older versions of apps can cause various problems and errors, such as errors like the ” Email keeps stopping” error message. Start Google Play Store, open the Google Play Store app then search for the mail app you use and then click the Update button. Relaunch the app and see whether the latest update resolved the issue.


Uninstall Android System Webview Updates

Many users reported that they had fixed problems with their email apps by deinstalling the most recent Android System Webview updates. Go to SettingsAppsAndroid System Webview. Select the three dots at the upper right corner and choose uninstall updates..

Uninstall the App

If the problem persists, remove the app completely. Go into Settings Select Applications then tap on the email app, then click the Uninstall button. Restart your computer, then install your email app again.


If your Android email app keeps crashing then force-stop the app and then restart your device. Clear the cache and then update the application. If the issue persists then try reinstalling the email application. Comment below and inform us if you’re having the same issue.

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